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4 Ways To Spring Clean Your Website

Friday, May 5th, 2017

As the weather gets warmer it’s inevitable that you get the urge to do Spring Cleaning.  You open up the windows and dust off items that are well past-due for a good dusting.  Your website isn’t any different!  Over the Winter season a lot of websites fall to the wayside, and *gasp* many businesses don’t visit their own website monthly…let alone weekly.  It’s ok to admit that your website has been a bit neglected, but now it’s time to get to work refreshing your website!  Here are 4 quick tips to get you started on your website Spring Cleaning.

1) Review your products and services

Take a look at the list of your products/services that are listed on your website.  Are there items that you no longer offer?  Are there new products and services you offer that haven’t been added yet?  If it’s not on your website, potential customers & clients may assume that you don’t offer it, don’t leave them guessing!

2) Update Photos

Spring Cleaning is a great time to set aside an hour to go through your phone or camera, pick out the best photos you’ve accumulated recently of projects to update your website.  We find that one of the things that businesses struggle most with is coming up with new high quality photos on a consistent basis.  With a smartphone at your fingertips there shouldn’t be any excuses why you can’t snap photos as you work on projects.  Schedule it into your routine just like anything else.  When you’re done a client’s project, allot just 5 minutes to snap a few photos of your work.  It’s enough time to allow you to take pictures, without becoming a big project.  The photos can then be emailed directly to your website designer, or you can update them yourself.  Taking the time to make this a habit keeps your website fresh and peaks your customer’s interest.

3) Update Dates

Many companies often overlook updating text (often for years at a time), leaving their “years in business” and “years of experience” outdated by 5 or even 10 years!  Take a look through your website to ensure all of your dates are “up to date”!

4) Check Social Icons

Have you recently joined Instagram? Maybe you decided to showcase your products on pinterest.  Now is a great time to check to make sure you have icons for all of the social networks that you are a part of prominently displayed.  Are all of the links correct?  Check to make sure the link you’re using is the correct one. Changing your facebook page name, or giving your facebook page a username can change your display link so make sure each link is consistent across the board.


These are just a few ways to dust your website off, ideally your website is maintained consistently and frequently.  A website that is kept up to date is a win-win for both your customers and search engines.  Your customers find the information they need and are accurately informed, and search engines soak up the information to help potential customers that want to find you to be able to do so.  For our customers that prefer we maintain their website for them, we provide full service maintenance for their websites http://www.webleaps.com/maintenance.html

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