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Do I need a Website?

Friday, June 26th, 2020

Do I need a Website? This is a question that we get asked often. It seems pretty obvious to us too, but we do indeed get asked this.  Being a website design company, I’m sure you can guess what our answer would be when asked this.  If you do not have a website, the quick answer is YES!

If you already do have a website, we find that the majority of the time you wouldn’t be asking us this unless you were doubting the effectiveness of your own website.  We pride ourselves on being to the point and giving always honest feedback, and the plain truth is that a website redesign is needed a lot of the time.  Now, more than ever before, a website is a crucial investment to make to promote and represent your business online.  And even a basic designed website from WebLeaps can benefit your business.

Still not convinced?  We will give you a few reasons why we know a website can benefit your business.

A) One word that for the past 20 years has become its own phrase – “Google It.”  For that simple reason, a website when designed and optimized correctly can attract business and potential customers through keywords and terms.

B) Showcasing!  The new today is the old tomorrow, and what is hot today will be cold next week.  For that reason, your website should always remain the HUB of your online marketing. By showcasing your products or services on your website, you can create a connection to your potential customer.  You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is very true when you have someone’s attention for such a short amount of time.  You have to spark their interest, and quickly!  By having high quality imagery on your website, you can give someone a clear sense of what you do, who you are, what you are trying to sell and what your brand is about.  While using social media is also a great tool, it is simply that.  Social media should be nothing more than to gauge interest, or spark conversation, or get people going to your ultimate path which points right back to your website!

C) Point of Contact!  Your website can provide that “batman telephone line” that many look for these days.  Having an easy way that you can be reached is half of the battle.  Displaying how a current or potential client can contact you via phone, direct email, or filling out a form is such a huge benefit.  Just think of your own personal experiences, how many times have you gone to a website, or tried to find business contact information, and it is just not easy to find?

D) You are investing in something that is not going away.  It is comical, but many times we have heard people say that they do not need a website anymore, or that websites are dying.  Yet a 2020 study shows that approximately 60% of the global population is using the internet, and that number is only growing.  If you do not have a website, you are non-existent to these people.

E) Professionalism. Having a website can separate you from your competition and make your business look more “credible”. Since approximately 3/4 of Americans go online at least once a day, being a small business you need all the help that you can get.  Branding, and how your online presence looks, are a HUGE piece of that puzzle, if not the biggest.  It all starts with your website and how it is designed.  In fact, 84% of consumers believe that having a website makes your business more credible than companies that only have social media pages / profiles.  You brand your services, products and what you have to offer through your website.  It all boils down to how professional your business looks.  We have all had the wool pulled over our eyes before, and there’s no place easier to pull the wool over someone’s eyes than on the internet.  Which is why your website and credibility are potentially the top on this list.

Z) We wanted to see if you noticed we went from E to Z. If you did, then good on you, you made it this far.  But we figured by this point you have either become bored, or this information has clicked and you are putting in a call to us now at 570-629-6980. If you are interested in more reasons and facts, we would be glad to speak to you over the phone and give you some more numbers that might have you shaking your head.

I leave you with these 3 crazy numbers on how consumers use the internet: (based off a recent survey)

91% of consumers use the internet to look for local goods / services.
93% of consumers use the internet for research before making a purchase.
92% prefer to get information from a business’ website instead of getting it off their social media page.