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Domain name, Email links, Google listing

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Have you ever gotten an email, phone call or snail mail about your website, SEO or domain name and are unsure if it’s legitimate?

At WebLeaps we are always willing to guide our clients with any questions that you may have, so just ask!

For most of our clients we handle your website, hosting and domain name so we’re the only place you need to contact.  This gives you peace of mind that if it’s not information/requests coming from WebLeaps it can be discarded easily as spam.

Some Tips:

1) Never click on a link in an email that you are unsure of.  You can always go directly to the website to find the information that you need.  Links can be masked where what you see looks real, but the link that it is actually linked to in the email is not.

2) The chances of Google calling you are slim to none –  Google is not calling you to update your Google my Business listing.

3) That letter in the mail about renewing your domain for $40-$100+ is not legitimate, they will try to switch your domain name over to them at a much higher cost by scaring you into thinking they are the ones responsible for it expiring (they’re not).

4) Your SEO is not in jeopardy if you don’t answer their email back.  Without giving someone access to your website / files they can not make changes to your website and can often do more damage by doing Black Hat (BAD) SEO then anything else.