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Domain Name Scam

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Have you recently received a letter informing you that your domain name is going to expire and your need to ACT IMMEDIATELY! Or maybe you’re confused if it’s even a domain name renewal letter. The letter shown here is an actual letter that we (WebLeaps – a website design company) received. No, unfortunately we are not exempt from getting spam!

First, please do not fall for scare tactics. If you are ever unsure if a letter you received is real, be sure to reach out to your website designer, host, or domain name provider. Keep in mind most companies WILL NOT send physical mail or even call – they will send notification via email.

When a client of WebLeaps contacts us with these items we always inform them to continue to reach out to us when they receive similar emails or letters. We then let them know that it is safe to use that paper for firestarter, practice your office basketball skills, or give your paper shredder a little snack.

At WebLeaps most of our clients choose to have us design, host and purchase/renew their domain name.  That means you can ignore all those calls, all those letters, and even emails unless they come directly from us.  At the end of the day we know focusing on your business is what you want & need to be doing – not bothered with scare tactic spam.