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Is Facebook still worth posting on?

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Can Facebook still help my business?  Should I even bother with it anymore?  


Well, you may be unsure, but the numbers don’t lie.  Here are some numbers and stats that can help you see why Facebook is a necessary marketing tool for your business.


In Quarter 2, Worldwide, there are 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June of 2019.  That is an 8% INCREASE from 2.38 billion monthly active users through the first Quarter of 2019.  It is reported that 5 new profiles are created every second, which confirms that Facebook is growing exponentially.


Did you know that Facebook’s ad spending from businesses is 1.9 times more through the first quarter in 2019 then compared to first quarter in 2017?  In fact 67% of businesses state that Facebook is their most important platform. That being said, 94% of social media marketers use Facebook as their ad platform.


Facebook is still very much the top dog in this field.  Now what is interesting is that when a business decides to boost a post on facebook, 42% of businesses feel they might be doing it incorrectly, and are unsure if it is working or not.  This is why having a business like WebLeaps is a crucial piece of your team. If you are one of the few that are not using Facebook as an advertising source for your business, it’s time you reach out.  If you are, but are unsure if what you are doing is working or not, we would be glad to help.


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