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Working in your business rather then on your business?

Tuesday, September 21st, 2021

Do you spend too much time working “in” your business rather than working “on” your business?


Part of creating a business that really works is how you work on it, and not so

much in it. Many business owners know from firsthand experience that when you own a business it comes with a set of demands that you may not have been expecting. There are many things to deal with from the business products/inventory, services, customer service, billing, employees, banking, marketing – the list goes on. Before you know it you are working in the business, trying to stay on top of it, spending time countlessly working but feeling like not much was achieved. It is mainly because you have shifted from working on the business, to now in the business.


By simply pulling yourself out from the inside you can get a better view and idea. It is typically easier to see things from the outside rather than being in the trenches. The business exists because of you, but you have to think of your business as the product itself, not as just you.

You cannot simply do it all which is why the right team is required, and the right partnerships need to be made. Hiring the right staff, the right salespeople, and partnering with the right marketing and web design company is a big part of working on the business and not in it.

When you choose WebLeaps to handle the web portion of your business it becomes one less item on your to-do list to worry about.  You know that we will not only get your website ready from start to finish, but that we are here after it is live for any additional needs that you may have from updates to marketing.

So, are you working in your business more than on it? We hope you are ready to partner with WebLeaps today!