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More is not always better for your website

Monday, June 27th, 2022

As a business owner aren’t you tired of all the smoke and mirrors? Unfortunately, when you have a website designed for your company and it’s not done correctly, you don’t know until it’s too late. The smoke and mirrors makes it look “ok” on the outside, but it might end up running slow, having issues, or end up being really confusing for your customers. A website should be simple, and to the point. It also needs to function smoothly and engage your audience.

So, when it comes to your website, more does not mean better!

More could mean MORE TIME a visitor spends trying to understand your business.

More can mean MORE WAITING with a spinning hourglass loading because you wanted “more” on your homepage.

More can mean MORE PROBLEMS and MORE CONFLICTS because your website designer thinks that adding more plugins or addons will help. More features lead to MORE TIME that you must spend learning how these features work.


At WebLeaps, we want to make sure that the word MORE is used beneficially to make your website MORE USER FRIENDLY, get MORE BUSINESS and MORE SALES. See how a WebLeaps designed website can help your business.