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Some things are not Do It Yourself.

Friday, July 29th, 2022

There is a reason why when you need a cavity filled you go to a dentist.

There is also a reason why when your toilet isn’t working right you call in a plumber.

If you’re having a problem with your car you take it to your mechanic, right?

Good, you probably see where we are going with this. Let’s broaden this a bit more. Assuming that most of us live in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley area, if you notice a cavity, you don’t call a dentist in England, or even in Texas do you? You’re not searching Google for a plumbing company in Maine or Utah right? Nor would you drive your car to California to see a mechanic, let’s be honest, it probably wouldn’t even make it there if you’re truly having mechanical issues.

So why then do we treat our business website that way? When you need a new or updated website for your business, why would you try to do it yourself, or call a company that is nowhere near where your business is or the audience that you are trying to target? If X website design company is located in Georgia, how much do you think they know about the Poconos?

Anyone can use a program, or a theme, or stock photography to make a website look nice. But does it do the job that it needs to do? A good looking website should not stop there, it should drive audiences to your website.

Using a company like WebLeaps to design or redesign your website will not only give you a functional website, but also one that is built around the idea of your business growth. The added bonus is that you are giving back to a local small business that has been in the area over 17 years!

What are you waiting for, begin today by calling 570.629.6980