WordPress Websites

An excellent solution for an online store and hands-on updates

WordPress Websites

A WordPress website is one of the best affordable platforms when selling products online. They also are great if you want to be hands-on and frequently make updates. A WordPress website will allow you to make your own changes including editing pages, uploading images, and making blog posts. WordPress websites require frequent updates to the WordPress core, theme, and plugins for both security and feature purposes.

WordPress Website

We offer WordPress Websites which are powered by a CMS (Content Management System) websites for clients that want to have an online store, blog website or just want to be able to easily update the content of their website.

We also offer WordPress website template options that are available at a lower rate, since there is not typically a design cost involved. Our WordPress template sites are based upon existing designs and then customized with your logo, colors, and company look.

Worried about cost or timing?

With a template design there is a quicker turn around time and a lower cost, but you are limited as to the customization of the design and features available.

For clients on a limited budget or who want to get their website up quickly, this is a great option and allows for a custom theme design in the future.

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