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Domain name scam

July 26 2019

Do you receive a letter in the mail regarding your business domain name?  There are many companies out there that will send you a letter explaining that your domain name is going to expire.  First off, DO NOT PAY that bill. Check in with your webmaster to see if you need to pay that bill. […]

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How does your business appear to your customers?

July 19 2019

How do you want your business to look?  It’s a simple question, we will even give you 2 choices to choose from! 1 – Fresh and modern 2 – Old and outdated If you’re like 99% of people you answered 1. In that case I ask:  When did you last have your website redesigned? If […]

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Building your own website is easy, so they said.

July 10 2019

Websites today are so easy to make right?  You just put a photo here, put some wording there, add navigation and BOOM – website! Being in business for 15 years we have seen some pretty bad, and even a few pretty good self-designed websites.  At the end of the day most of those websites don’t […]

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Fireworks for your business!

July 4 2019

Looking to have your business set off fireworks with your online presence?  Contact WebLeaps about having your website designed or redesigned. Have a Happy & Safe 4th!

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