How important are WordPress Updates?

July 1, 2024

Do you know that if you have a WordPress website that it needs to be updated regularly? It may seem pretty obvious, but we have encountered many websites that were built and then never maintained. In the same way that your phone has software updates and app updates, including important security updates, your WordPress website […]

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Do you keep your WordPress website up to date?

April 15, 2024

Does your business website use WordPress? WordPress is a popular choice that is used as for blogs, to be able to make website updates, and even ecommerce. In fact, WordPress is so popular that it powers more than 43% of websites built in the world. WordPress is what is called a CMS – Content Management […]

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WordPress Security Updates

October 13, 2023

Maybe you woke up this morning frantic because WordPress released some major security updates and you are nervous about your website, or maybe your website is not operational at all. This leaves you scrambling to call your hosting company, or website designer, putting a stop to your Friday morning plans and throwing a wrench into […]

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Custom Website Design, Website Redesign, WordPress Website Design

September 30, 2022

Does your business need a new website or your current website redesigned? At WebLeaps we build websites that work for your business. We love using our experience and knowledge to create websites that showcase our client’s services and products. How a website is built really can be the difference between few leads from your website […]

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Do you update WordPress?

January 21, 2022

When was the last time you updated your WordPress website? Many people have websites that have been created for personal or business using this popular website building software. The downside is that regardless of the use or application, your website will need frequent updates. WordPress is an open-source content management system that utilizes themes, plugins […]

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