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Email Spam Tips and Emails Threats

February 10 2023

As a courtesy reminder, when checking your emails never click on a link, open an attachment, or share information! We have seen an increased uptick in spam emails requesting to “update your webmail password” or “sign this Docusign” and other phishing emails. If you ever should find yourself in the position that you believe that […]

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Updates during the holidays

December 20 2022

It’s the final push until Christmas! Be sure that you have taken the time to keep your clients up to date with potential closings, changes in store hours, sales and any other important updates.   Using tools like email marketing, signage, updating your Google business hours, and posting on social media are all great ways […]

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November 4 2022

19, 20, 23, and 51   No, we are not giving you a super advantage on lottery numbers, nor are we giving you the ages we wish we were compared to the age we actually feel somedays. These numbers are indeed days, the days you have left until Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas! […]

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Do not get Tricked when it comes to your business Website!

October 28 2022

Kids are not the only ones that will get tricked or treated this year. Many businesses will have a concept or an idea for how they want the website for their business to look. They will embark on an adventurous search to find a company that can treat them in accomplishing this design. Along the […]

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Use your domain name for your email!

October 19 2022

Are you using your website domain name for emails? Does your email address look like bob@yourbusiness.com or does it look like bob123456@ptd.net? If your email address is not using your domain name, you really should make that switch. Why? Using your domain name email is a FREE and ENDLESS promotional tool to promote your website […]

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