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Website design company

August 16 2019

Your website is more than just an extension of your business.  Your website is a silent salesman that either gets you that contact request / email / phone call / inquiry, or it totally misses the mark and you may never know what sales you missed out on. Is your website generating business for you […]

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Is Facebook still worth posting on?

August 12 2019

Can Facebook still help my business?  Should I even bother with it anymore?     Well, you may be unsure, but the numbers don’t lie.  Here are some numbers and stats that can help you see why Facebook is a necessary marketing tool for your business.   In Quarter 2, Worldwide, there are 2.41 billion monthly […]

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Team Mascot

August 2 2019

At WebLeaps we find that it’s important to have a mascot. A crucial team member, that helps you push through the day. Meet our team mascot: Buddy! Buddy is always available to give a nudge, or roll over for a belly rub. He’s always good for greeting with a fierce wagging tail.

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