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Woocommerce Pagination Not Showing

October 23 2018

When creating Woocommerce pages to show products from a single category you simply link directly to the category page.  Sometimes the page you want to display isn’t that simple, and you end up creating a new page and use Woocommerce shortcode to display products. With specific themes the “Pagination” does not appear (navigation that appears […]

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Need a web designer?

July 12 2018

Finding a good web designer & online marketing team is like finding a good mechanic.  Stop wasting your time and money. Reach out and give us a call, you deserve to get the service you’re expecting.  www.WebLeaps.com / 570.629.6980

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Updating Non-SSL Links to SSL Links in phpMyAdmin

May 31 2018

Forcing your website to use https:// instead of http:// has plenty of advantages, but there’s also quite a few steps that need to be taken to get that “green lock” on each page. INSTALL CERTIFICATE – Have an SSL Certificate Installed (it will need to be renewed yearly) Update .htaccess file – Have your .htaccess […]

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Image Upload Error No such file or directory

April 19 2017

Have you ever seen this error while doing a file upload? Warning: getimagesize(images_sm/image.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/file.php on line 70 This error is typically associated with a permissions error on the folder(s) that you are trying to upload the image into.  Namely that you haven’t allowed enough access […]

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