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Changing your password and how often you need to

March 11 2022

Passwords. We all find them annoying, especially if you use a REAL password and not something like “myname123abc”. Or, maybe you’re the type that has a different unique password for each and every login that you have. Regardless of how secure or not your password is, the fact is that passwords are a necessity in […]

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Domain name, Email links, Google listing

May 7 2021

Have you ever gotten an email, phone call or snail mail about your website, SEO or domain name and are unsure if it’s legitimate? At WebLeaps we are always willing to guide our clients with any questions that you may have, so just ask! For most of our clients we handle your website, hosting and […]

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Adobe Flash gone

October 23 2020

Adobe Flash will reach End-Of-Life December 31st, 2020.  So what does this mean for you? At the very least you should UNINSTALL Adobe Flash by the end of the year, as per their official website: “Adobe will not issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL Date. We recommend that all users uninstall […]

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Is your website hurting your business?

March 16 2020

Does your website do more damage than good? Poor design, Bad code, Confusing, Outdated, Misleading, Wrong information, No longer there, these are just a few things that we have seen over the years. At WebLeaps we design simple, clean, elegant websites that you can be proud of.  The best part is your potential customers will […]

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Password Security for Websites

May 12 2017

Secure passwords are important for personal use, but even more important for businesses. Constantly having to create passwords for every aspect of your online life can be annoying, but it’s a necessity.  Using the same password for multiple accounts is not a smart idea and it’s basically like leaving your backdoor open in the middle […]

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