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Website Design Done Right

July 16 2021

Looks can be deceiving. I am sure that you have heard that once or twice before, and in the website industry this phrase could never be truer. We have seen some great looking websites, until you actually look at the coding and backend of it. Our over 16+ years of being in the industry we […]

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Domain Name Scam

June 4 2021

Have you recently received a letter informing you that your domain name is going to expire and your need to ACT IMMEDIATELY! Or maybe you’re confused if it’s even a domain name renewal letter. The letter shown here is an actual letter that we (WebLeaps – a website design company) received. No, unfortunately we are […]

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Hire local

May 28 2021

When you want to update your house, you don’t call a contractor on the west coast. When you go food shopping you do not drive hours and hours away to the grocery store. When you advertise for your business, we are sure you do not advertise in an area that you do not service.   […]

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Do you have an outdated website?

May 21 2021

We are well into Spring now and inching closer to summer. Do you continue to say things like “I’ll get to that here eventually” or “I really need to update the wording on my website.”? If your website confuses you, or lists services that you no longer offer, what do you think your customers think? […]

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Making the Digital Pivot

May 19 2021

Has your company made the digital pivot?   2020 has been a difficult year for many, but businesses that chose to invest in their website, search engine optimization, and social media advertising have seen the difference. While this past year may have been hard to get people to physically come to your store, many businesses […]

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