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Advertising done right

January 24 2020

You put a lot of thought into advertising and figuring out the best way to get in front of your ideal audience. After all of your hard work, where do your customers end up? No matter where you spend your advertising money – online, print, tv, radio – all paths point to your website. And […]

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Holiday Digital Marketing

December 20 2019

Did you miss out on prime opportunities to obtain new business this holiday season?  Teaming with WebLeaps we help you by putting your business on the map! Give us a call to get started!  570.629.6980

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Get started with the right marketing

December 6 2019

It’s an important time of the year when we buy many gifts, look for ideas, or creative things to give to our friends, family, or loved ones. Do you do the same for your business?  Do you look for creative ways to earn more business?  Stop putting it off for another day, allow WebLeaps to […]

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Are you using social media for your business?

November 22 2019

The Holidays are right around the corner.  It is a vital time to be branding and marketing your business.  With having the world at our fingertips shopping today is more challenging then ever.   We want to help you out by using today’s technology to your advantage.  To shine a spotlight on you, your business […]

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Linking your social media to your website

October 28 2019

Do you have your facebook, twitter, or instagram link posted on your website?  Did you know that if you ever change your facebook, twitter, or instagram name you also change the link to that account?  So if you are providing your social media links on your website, that will now go to a dead link, […]

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