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Building your business and brand

August 30 2019

You know the sayings: “Success doesn’t come overnight” “All good things require time” “Good things come to those who wait” “Patience is a virtue” “Rome wasn’t built in a day” The same concept is true with your business.  Stop trying to get to the finish line as fast as possible.  Building a business is not […]

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Team Mascot

August 2 2019

At WebLeaps we find that it’s important to have a mascot. A crucial team member, that helps you push through the day. Meet our team mascot: Buddy! Buddy is always available to give a nudge, or roll over for a belly rub. He’s always good for greeting with a fierce wagging tail.

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Hey Business Owners, you’re not alone!

June 7 2019

As a business owner you may often find yourself trying to “Do it all”. Especially when starting a business it can be hard to justify “Why should I pay someone if I can just do it myself?”. We all know time is money, and with technology, which is constantly changing, it can often takes up […]

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Level up!

May 24 2019

It’s time to stop just getting by or waiting for your business to get to that “next level”.  The solution for a better website and digital marketing is ready. www.WebLeaps.com / 570.629.6980  

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Spam calls

April 19 2019

For all of you business owners out there, what do you do when you get one of these calls? “Your business Google listing is not up to date, press 1 to update your business listing” If you manage to stay on the phone long enough the pre-recording message will then say something along the line […]

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