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What does your website do for your business?

January 17 2020

We design simple, elegant, functional websites. And the best part is, we know how to fix them, and make them work better. Can your designer say that? The sky’s the limit when you choose WebLeaps!

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Get your website ranked

December 13 2019

re you a small business owner, or thinking about opening up a business? If yes, let me ask this question.  Do you sell yourself short? It’s a simple, but loaded, question.  If you are a salesperson I bet you are on top of your personal image as well as your communication skills.  If you are […]

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Affordable Website Design

November 15 2019

Looking for a website for your business?  The search can get intense, we know because we have been doing this for over 15 years, and through those years we have heard just about every story to the moon and back.  We want to save you some, or better yet, A LOT of trouble. Pick up […]

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Linking your social media to your website

October 28 2019

Do you have your facebook, twitter, or instagram link posted on your website?  Did you know that if you ever change your facebook, twitter, or instagram name you also change the link to that account?  So if you are providing your social media links on your website, that will now go to a dead link, […]

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Your Online Storefront

October 8 2019

Imagine that you have a physical storefront for your small business. It’s a small but modestly sized store on a busier street in your town. Nestled in between other small businesses you have a great storefront, great product and are setup for success. DO YOU… A) Take pride in what your business looks like – […]

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