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Do I need a Website?

June 26 2020

Do I need a Website? This is a question that we get asked often. It seems pretty obvious to us too, but we do indeed get asked this.  Being a website design company, I’m sure you can guess what our answer would be when asked this.  If you do not have a website, the quick […]

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What does your business Website do?

June 19 2020

It is a new season, Summer will be here tomorrow!  So why continue to have an old dusty and outdated website?  When your office light is “off” so to speak, the only light that is left on in your business is how it is displayed online.  What story does your business tell?  What look does […]

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Is your website a tool?

April 24 2020

During this time period, you may have discovered one of these things: That your website is a great useful tool, your website is dusty and outdated, your website is not living up to the hype, or what website? If you found out that your website needs help or just simply is not living up to […]

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Proofread your Website

April 7 2020

Right now is a great time as a business owner to sit down and review your own website.  Maybe there’s a critical spelling error that you overlooked 500 times. Or maybe your number or your address has changed.   If you are unsure how to make these changes yourself, contact your website designer.

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Is your website hurting your business?

March 16 2020

Does your website do more damage than good? Poor design, Bad code, Confusing, Outdated, Misleading, Wrong information, No longer there, these are just a few things that we have seen over the years. At WebLeaps we design simple, clean, elegant websites that you can be proud of.  The best part is your potential customers will […]

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