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More is not always better for your website

June 27 2022

As a business owner aren’t you tired of all the smoke and mirrors? Unfortunately, when you have a website designed for your company and it’s not done correctly, you don’t know until it’s too late. The smoke and mirrors makes it look “ok” on the outside, but it might end up running slow, having issues, […]

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Is code slowing down your website?

June 10 2022

Have you ever added code to your website to track a campaign from a 3rd party – whether it was from a digital ad campaign like Google, or your local newspaper, did you remember to remove it? As important as it is to have that code added to track information, it is also important to […]

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Professional Designed Business Website

June 3 2022

Would you show up to an interview in your pajamas and slippers without combing your hair? I think it’s pretty safe to assume that the answer would be a resounding “No”. So, how do you think your existing or potential clients feel when they see your business website and are completely underwhelmed? Does your business […]

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Business owner vacation checklist

May 23 2022

Does this summer-like weather already have you daydreaming about upcoming vacations? As a business owner, remember to inform your clients / potential clients that you are away. You can do so by leaving an autoresponder on your email, a voicemail message, posting on your social media, a sign on your entrance door at your store, […]

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Why you hire professionals

May 13 2022

Designing a website sure can seem like a scary task! The fear of getting something wrong, or having it appear differently than you imagined could certainly haunt you.   We’re not saying this only because it’s Friday the 13th, we are also saying this because our 17 years of being in the business have taught […]

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