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How Accessible is Your Website?

May 19 2023

You may have a business website that looks the part, but it is nothing more than an empty phone booth in the middle of nowhere.   A website is not only what it looks like visually to the end user, but also how it is built on the backend. At WebLeaps, we have over 17 […]

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Trust your designer!

April 28 2023

Would you hand over the keys, alarm code, or safe combination to your business to someone that has never worked for you a day in their life? Although this seems like a pretty obvious “no”, so many business owners do this when they hire a website designer. You are trusting a company with your domain […]

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Local Web Design

April 21 2023

We have found that people continue to use, refer and recommend WebLeaps because of who we are as people. Our relationship is more than our business and your business. When we partner together, we create a type of business relationship that is rare these days. We not only get to know your business, but also […]

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It’s 2023, does my business need a website?

April 14 2023

It is 2023, so if you are a business owner that means that you either have a new business, or your business has survived the past 3 years. As you are looking at your budget, you may have asked yourself this: Do I still need to invest in a website for my business in 2023? […]

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Easter Weekend

April 7 2023

Enjoy your weekend!

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