Is the attachment safe to open

Monday, April 11th, 2022

Have you received an email lately with an attachment?

If it is not someone that you frequently email or expect attachments from, a good rule of thumb is to be hesitant to open such attachments. We recommend to first email / call / text the individual back that sent the email in the first place. Ask that person if they did indeed send you an email with a file attached to it. Always be on guard and aware of emails with attachments or hyperlinks and take the “better safe than sorry approach”.

We have seen a rise in spam emails, phishing emails, and very well spoofed emails that look like they really came from a party that you know and trust.

So again, if you are not certain, take a few minutes to make sure that it is a legitimate email prior to opening.

TIP – If you ever think or feel your information or data at all has been compromised the FIRST step is to change your password immediately! After that is done begin your troubleshooting, perform virus scans, contact your IT person, and so on.

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