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Linking your social media to your website

Monday, October 28th, 2019

Do you have your facebook, twitter, or instagram link posted on your website?  Did you know that if you ever change your facebook, twitter, or instagram name you also change the link to that account?  So if you are providing your social media links on your website, that will now go to a dead link, or a page not found message.  Not only does that not look good to a potential customer, but it also raises an eyebrow for the search engines too. Little things like that could be the difference between gaining a client or losing a client.

Be sure to double check ALL of your internal and external links that you have on your website.  Keep in mind that search engines may still have your old/dead links indexed. So before you go ahead and change your username, make sure you are thinking it through.  Questions? Give us a call.