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Is your website not ranking in search engines?

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Are you looking to gain an edge over your competitors? Are your competitors ranking higher than you are locally? Is your website even relevant in Google organic searches?

We continue to stand behind the fact that the way your website is designed does matter. In our 17+ years of business the hardest question we always receive is “how do I know that I am hiring the right website designer?” This is a question that is much harder to answer than you would think. We have seen many businesses come and go in this field, and not only just in this area. It is one thing to be able to design a nice-looking website that has all the bells and whistles, and believe us we have seen a lot of “very nice looking” websites throughout our time. What we rarely see is a website that is as nice-looking on the backend as it is on the front end. “But so what, who cares?” Well, search engines care a lot about how your website is on the backend, so much so that all those “bells and whistles” almost get completely ignored by the search engines. It’s what we like to call Eye Candy for your audience, which you also want to have, but it needs to be done with functionality and loading times as the priority. From not taking the time to scale down or compress images, to using unnecessary code or plugins, having a website designed simply on front end appearances and not keeping the backend in mind can cost you. It can make the difference between being found on Google vs being found a few pages in, which most people will not even take the time to look at.

It is easy to hire a company based on their trophies and plaques. At WebLeaps we prefer the proof is in the pudding method and not in things that collect dust. Dust and digital do not go well together. Our trophies and plaques are not physical items that will collect dust. It’s what separates us from our competition and we too want you to have that edge!

Just go to www.Google.com and type in the following phrases:

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There’s a reason why WebLeaps comes up #1 on everyone of those searches.

At WebLeaps we not only design great looking and working websites for your clientele base, but we also can deliver the same for the search engine audience too. Feel free to call today to discuss more.