Do you own your website?

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Do you own your website? This may seem like a simple enough question, but many companies do not know the answer to. You paid for your website, but do you know if you truly own your website?

Does your website have a “website fee” that if you stopped paying it you would lose your website?  This is different then a hosting bill or other maintenance fees. It’s a charge that some companies bill just so you can “have your website” on a monthly basis.  If you’re paying a fee like this, or have wanted to move to another website host and were told you could not bring your website, then you are probably “borrowing” your website.

If you are “borrowing” your website, then if you don’t pay that fee, or you decide to move to another company then your website is gone. Many times, we have seen a combination of one or more of: the content is not yours, the photos are not yours, the design is not yours, the domain name is not registered in your name, and the dreadful: your website is on a proprietary platform and it cannot be moved elsewhere.

At WebLeaps we believe in what we feel are just ethical business tactics. When you pay for something, you should own it, if not then you are simply renting it. At WebLeaps we design right and treat you right. Come see the WebLeaps difference today!

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