It’s 2023, does my business need a website?

Friday, April 14th, 2023

It is 2023, so if you are a business owner that means that you either have a new business, or your business has survived the past 3 years. As you are looking at your budget, you may have asked yourself this: Do I still need to invest in a website for my business in 2023?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES!

Why should you have a website when you can use Social Media?

Social media is like any form of advertising, it can be a great tool to bring attention to your business and get your information out to customers, but it is not meant to replace a brick and mortar store or website.

When using social media, the only audience that you are reaching is on the specific social platform(s) that you are posting on. It can be great to connect with users on that platform, but you have no control over how often customers see your posts. If the platform decides to close their doors tomorrow, all your posts, all your photos, all your information is GONE! Thinking that’s not possible? At one time no one could imagine the fall of Google+, MySpace or Vine either.

Why should I have a website for my business?
Having a website remains one of the key essential elements in having a successful business. In fact, in today’s digital world, having a website is considered the keyholder as to how your business will be found in the online world. When we say the online world, we specifically mean Google. Per an online report from oberlo.com Google is the #1 visited website in the world. Google is visited 89.3 billion times per month. Google remains the leader when it comes to search engines, in fact it’s not even close. Google has 91.9% of the Search Engine market share. That leaves a mere 8.1% for Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and others. Google processes approximately 8.5 billion searches per day which is about 99,000 searches every second! Over 85% of users say that they use Google to search more than 3 times a day. So, if you do not have a website for your business, you are missing out on being found when customers search for your products and services.

A well-designed website will bring increased visibility to your business, it will improve awareness of your brand, and can also create another avenue for customer service. These are all essential pieces to success in the modern era. Having a website is like having a 24/7 salesperson for your business, or a store open 24/7 for customers to find your hours, and to browse your products and services.

At WebLeaps we understand the big picture, we know that your online presence starts with your website and builds with SEO, social media and email marketing. We would be happy to discuss all or any of these options with you, so contact us to discuss having your website built or redesigned.

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