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Is your website installed in a subdirectory?

September 30 2019

Why would anyone ever install a website in a subdirectory – and then leave it that way?  It’s not good news.  Typically, your website domain will look something like www.YourWebsiteDomainName.com. If it looks something like www.YourWebsiteDomainName.com/site, you have reason to be worried.  This typically indicates that your “website designer” has no clue what they’re doing.  […]

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Does your website have a Form on it?

September 27 2019

Does your website have a form?  Do potential and existing clients fill out that form?  When was the last time you received a “request” or “completed” form? Regardless of how your website was designed, things change.  We live in a rapid-paced ever-changing technology field where what’s new today is old tomorrow. Therefore it’s important to […]

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Web Design Company

September 20 2019

Is getting your website redesigned on your “to do” list?  Whether you want a fresh look, to add features, or just are just looking for a change, the hardest part is just reaching out.  Give us a call at 570-629-6980 or email sales@webleaps.com, it’s that easy! We’ll handle the rest.

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Website design vs Website designer

September 10 2019

Do you judge a book by its cover?  Good or bad it is always best to do your research and be sure that the company you are looking to hire can, has, and if they can do what you are looking for.  Be sure that what you need done they do day in and day […]

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