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Hosting Upgrade & Pricing Changes

February 20 2023

HOSTING UPGRADE We will be upgrading all WebLeaps hosting accounts to newer servers this week, this includes all VPS and shared hosting accounts. We are committed to making sure that your hosting is as worry-free as possible, which means all our technology, hardware, and software meets & exceeds today‚Äôs standards. All files, emails and information […]

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Constant Contact Text-to-Join

February 3 2023

If you use Constant Contact, please take note that they will be decommissioning their Text-to-Join (TTJ) features on March 30, 2023. This was a feature which allowed customers to sign up for email mailing lists by text message. They made this change as their TTJ feature was using shared short codes that could be used […]

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Horde For Webmail To Be Discontinued

December 22 2022

Please note, if you currently use Horde for Webmail it will be removed in an upcoming version of cPanel. You still have time to switch to another webmail program, we suggest Roundcube as a user-friendly alternative if you would like to test it now. All Horde webmail will be migrated to Roundcube automatically. This only […]

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YouTube Handles

October 18 2022

YouTube handles are coming! If you already have a personalized URL, it will be converted into your handle. But, if you do not have a personalized URL, you will want to get your handle and reserve it as soon as it’s available to do so. If you have a website with us that links to […]

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