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Business owner vacation checklist

May 23 2022

Does this summer-like weather already have you daydreaming about upcoming vacations? As a business owner, remember to inform your clients / potential clients that you are away. You can do so by leaving an autoresponder on your email, a voicemail message, posting on your social media, a sign on your entrance door at your store, […]

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Why you hire professionals

May 13 2022

Designing a website sure can seem like a scary task! The fear of getting something wrong, or having it appear differently than you imagined could certainly haunt you.   We’re not saying this only because it’s Friday the 13th, we are also saying this because our 17 years of being in the business have taught […]

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Spring Cleaning for your Business Website

May 2 2022

Spring is a great time to take a fresh look at your website. Take a moment to browse your site with “fresh eyes” and pretend that you’re a new visitor to your website. Is the information that they see accurate? Have your services changed? Do you need to update your About Page? When was the […]

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Enjoy Earth Day!

April 22 2022

It’s Earth Day! From planting trees or wildflowers to spending time enjoying nature, there’s plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day today!

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Is the attachment safe to open

April 11 2022

Have you received an email lately with an attachment? If it is not someone that you frequently email or expect attachments from, a good rule of thumb is to be hesitant to open such attachments. We recommend to first email / call / text the individual back that sent the email in the first place. […]

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