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Leap your business forward.

February 28 2020

Tomorrow we will acknowledge having 366 days rather than 365 days this year due to it being a Leap Year.  The reason we do this is to simply make things synchronized and easier.  If we did not have a leap year, our seasons would start one day sooner every four years.  This is due to […]

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Website design company

February 21 2020

Do you rob yourself and your customers of your service?  A poorly designed website can miss the mark on acquiring a potential customer.  Ultimately robbing you of a job, and them of your services. No one would be in business if they didn’t think that they could do a great job for their customer or […]

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Do you have an outdated website?

February 14 2020

Is your website outdated?  Sometimes we think that our website may not need to be redesigned, yet we all agree that technology moves at such a fast pace. It’s not all visual either, the way a website is designed is how it is coded, that too can be outdated. Give WebLeaps a call today, we […]

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Calling all business owners.

February 7 2020

Hey business owners: Do you sell a service or a product? If you are with the vast majority, you answered yes to this obvious question. This is why it’s more important than ever to have a functional and informative website. But, anyone can design a website right? Of course, many can, but very few actually […]

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How do you find a website designer?

January 31 2020

Over the years we have seen a lot. We know that with so many options out there, it can be confusing as to where to even start with your website. The company that you work with for your website needs matters. You most likely visit the same doctor, dentist, hairstylist or mechanic because they know […]

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