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Back to business

June 12 2020

Getting back to business means less time.  Less time means that things may now fall through the cracks.  But not you, because you have a company like WebLeaps working with you.  Fortunately for you WebLeaps just happens to be rather good at “filling in the cracks” so it is less stress, and less worry for […]

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How will you re-open?

May 29 2020

As many businesses are starting to reopen, there are bound to be many questions that your clients are wondering about your business.  Are they open? Have their hours changed? Are there any specific health guidelines that I will need to follow? Take the worry and wonder away from your clients by coming up with a […]

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What not to do as a business owner

May 15 2020

To all you business owners and entrepreneurs we wanted to just put out a little Public Service Announcement that sometimes we forget, especially during these times. Try to stay away from the 3 P’s when posting on social media as your business. Your personal social media is yours to do as you wish, but we […]

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Sunday and Mother’s Day

May 8 2020

For many, this Mother’s Day will not be normal.  Many of us remain under stay at home orders, and many of us will still be continuing our social distancing.  So, taking Mom to her favorite restaurant, or family picnic gatherings, or other ways that we celebrate Mom, may not be an option.  For that reason, […]

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Friday mantra

May 1 2020

Some days all we need to push through is a good message like this: Some days are better, Some days are worse. Look for the blessing instead of the curse. Be positive, stay strong, and get enough rest. You can’t do it ALL, but you can do your best! -Doe Zantamata

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