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Hey Business Owners, you’re not alone!

Friday, June 7th, 2019

As a business owner you may often find yourself trying to “Do it all”. Especially when starting a business it can be hard to justify “Why should I pay someone if I can just do it myself?”. We all know time is money, and with technology, which is constantly changing, it can often takes up a lot of time, which in the end is costing you money.

Do you spend an hour trying to figure out the right thing to say on facebook? Have you tried to do email marketing but find yourself sending out one email, then forgetting and not sending another one for a few months? Are the graphics you’re throwing together professional looking or could a teenager make better ones?

We’re here to help. We don’t want to take away your ability to handle social media, or emails, or whatever you’re comfortable doing. But, we can make it so that your online presence is consistently updated in a timely manner so you don’t need to worry about having months worth of gaps where information is updated.

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