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SEO Without Making Changes To Your Site?

Monday, July 17th, 2017

Think you can have “Search Engine Optimization” done without making changes to your website?  Think again.  It baffles us every time we hear that someone paid for “SEO” yet the company they hired never actually made ANY changes to their website.  Can your traffic increase without making changes to your website? Yes.  Through paid advertising and other MARKETING services.  But for SEO?  That’s where you need to get your hands dirty and work on the “mechanics” of your website to get long lasting TRUE results.  It can be a very costly mistake to pay for short term results that vanish once your budget does when you’re thinking you’re paying for better search results(organic search engine optimization) & longevity.

Too often in our field we see businesses “sold” by “car salesman” that are all too happy to sell you a new coat of paint for your car(website).  Does your car(website) look different? Yes.  Does it make your car(website) RUN any better? No.

Listed below are some of the very basics of SEO from Google themselves.

page titles – requires site content changes
meta tag – requires site content changes
URLs – requires site content changes
navigation – requires site content changes
content and services – requires site content changes
anchor text – requires site content changes
images – requires site content changes
headings – requires site content changes
robots.txt – requires site content changes
nofollow – requires site content changes

Take a look and rethink what you’re currently being offered, or what you’re being “sold” or “told”.  If there’s one thing that everyone should know about SEO is that there are no shortcuts.  And if you choose to take shortcuts and use “cheater” techniques, Google will eventually find out and you’ll be worse off then if you didn’t do anything at all.  Too often “SEO” is outsourced to other companies, or overseas.  It’s not until you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars that you realize that a mistake has been made.  Make sure you’re hiring a reputable, knowledgeable company like WebLeaps, and if you have any questions as to whether what you’re being offered is the real deal give us a call, we’d be happy to help and walk you through your options.